Hi! I'm Ursula Comeau.

I'm based in the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada region, and I'm a Web Designer/Developer specializing in the WordPress platform, as well as an E-Learning Consultant/Designer/Developer specializing in the Articulate Studio and Articulate Storyline software suites, as well as Camtasia. I'm also a certified instructor and regularly teach Technical Training courses, so basically, I'm a bit of a geek who loves technology and gadgets! WordPress is a popular open-source community-driven Content Management System that can also be adapted to be used as a Learning Management System. I can also create and edit graphics using Adobe Photoshop for use in websites and e-learning modules.

I design and build websites as well as e-learning modules/tutorials
for my clients (including rapid e-learning development).

I also provide training and support to my clients for these solutions as required.

1. Gather Information

First, I speak with my client to gather information from their subject matter experts, whether it be a web design or e-learning project, so that I can understand the clients' needs.

2. Design & Develop

I then design and develop the solution (a website, or e-learning tutorial, depending on the client), which I love to do as I am able to combine my technical and creative skills.

3. Client Satisfaction

I then present the solution as a draft to ensure my client is happy with the results, and also to make changes as needed until the final product is ready and the client is satisfied!

Awesome work makes happy clients.

I love the work that I do, and I strive to achieve customer satisfaction with every project I complete.

E-Learning Modules & Tutorials

I have been designing and developing e-learning modules since 2009. Based on my experience instructing Technical Training classes, I am a firm believer in story-based learning. Stories help students retain what's being taught, and when it comes to e-learning, shorter lessons are better than longer lessons because these days, everyone is inundated with so much information every day, that we simply have shorter attention spans. It's much easier to digest small bits of information at a time rather than trying to squeeze to much information all at once. Making lessons fun is also important - it helps the lessons be more memorable. These are the primary principles I prefer to follow when creating learning modules for my clients.

I have helped businesses that required rapid e-learning tutorials to replace some of their HR onboarding leader-led training in order to minimize the time it takes to bring a new employee up-to-speed.

As a full-time Technical Trainer & Designer, I have developed and facilitated leader-led technical training courses (on-site and locally), as well as designing and developing e-learning modules that would eventually replace some of the leader-led certification classes offered, including online exams that students needed to pass in order to receive certification. These tutorials were initially done in English, but were also professional translated and provided in other languages. I have been responsible for developing and publishing all language versions of the e-learning modules and courses. English narrations were also recorded by me using my home studio/office. In addition, I have regularly provided live training webinars to numerous students based in different parts of the world, as well as writing technical training guides as supportive reference material.

E-Learning tutorials, webinars, and training documentation are services I'm able to offer my clients today.

Sample E-Learning Tutorial

This is a sample e-learning tutorial I created in February of 2013 using Articulate Storyline to show how easy and fun e-learning can be (keep in mind, it is a very simple learning module).


To learn more about how I can help small businesses with their digital marketing needs, including web design, and to see a showcase of websites I've designed, developed, and implemented for my clients, please go to my business site:


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